The Good Lie Movie

The Good Lie: A Film About Heroic Perseverance

Americans watch horror movies. The Lost Boys and Girls live them.   “The Good Lie” calls much needed attention to the story of The Lost Boys and Girls and their nation, South Sudan. Anyone familiar with the 2006 documentary “God Grew Tired of Us” will recognize its presence as the skeleton for this new telling that […]


Public Interest Design Institute Kansas City

At a Public Interest Design Institute conference in September, Jill Kurtz was able to present Rebuild South Sudan’s project, in Jalle, South Sudan, to community designers in Kansas City. Having the opportunity to connect with designers and community transformers is very important: They get to see a working example of innovation impacting Jalle, South Sudan. […]


Beyond war in South Sudan

Published by MCC, Written by Gladys Terichow, Photographs by Nina Linton Despite poverty and the scars of war, peace mobilizers in South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, courageously strive to address tensions and build peace. Each day in the Opari district of South Sudan — a region abandoned during decades of war and now resettled by some […]


Ox Plow & Other Training Help South Sudan Farmers

Residents of southern Sudan have long relied on subsistence farming utilizing traditional methods. These practices, such as hand tilling and broad casting of seed, result in crop loss, disease, and infestation, and severely limit farmer’s yields. USAID is working to overcome these challenges by introducing new technology and farming methods to residents of Northern Bahr […]


Science left behind as Sudan divides

By Deborah-Fay Ndhlovu It is not the first time that Odra, a crop physiologist at the University of Juba in Sudan, has been asked to make such a trek. In 1989, at the height of Sudan’s civil war, Odra, along with around 130 lecturers and 800 students at the country’s second largest university, was asked […]


Transforming Africa Through Higher Education

By NAZANIN LANKARANI Published: January 16, 2011 DOHA, QATAR — When Patrick Awuah left his native Ghana in 1985 to study abroad, he had little notion of the opportunities that would await him back home 13 years later. More than a decade of peace, democracy and prosperity made it possible for a Western-educated professional like […]

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