Sustainable Supplies Initiative

Sustainable Supplies Boat Tracker 2014-11-18

Steps towards Food Security in Rural South Sudan

In April 2014 Rebuild South Sudan launched its second program: The Sustainable Supplies Initiative. The conflict that erupted in December 2013 has led the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, into yet another crisis. At this time we cannot work on the school, but we also will not stand by and do nothing. We are collecting funds to purchase emergency supplies for survival during this current crisis and as an offering of hope.

Unfortunately many people in South Sudan were displaced during the initial fighting in late 2013 and early 2014. This fighting caused rural South Sudanese Villages across the nation to miss the planting season creating severe food shortages as people return to their villages. The Sustainable Supplies Initiative is designed to provide not just food but tools to build a food system in the midst of a looming famine. Jalle is located on the Nile, which can be used both for food and transportation with the right tools in hand. With the relationships and presence we already have as an organization, we are in a unique position to provide assistance. Please consider donating to this urgent cause as we seek to encourage and empower the people of South Sudan in the midst of distress.

Map of South Sudan Bor Juba Jalle


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