The vision of Rebuild South Sudan is to encourage, educate, and empower those whose lives have been devastated by war and violence

About Rebuild South Sudan

Rebuild South Sudan is a non-profit (501c3) initiative to help the communities of Southern Sudan help themselves. Our goals are to build a primary school for the refugee children and clean, modern wells for the community of Jalle, an area in the state of Jonglei of several thousand people.

We hope to improve literacy rates, promote equality, and offer the generation of children—who have thus far only known fear and violence—a future for themselves and generations to come.

Mission Statement

The mission of Rebuild South Sudan is to encourage, strengthen, and support those whose lives were devastated in the 21-year-long civil war between north and south Sudan by providing education to children and youth who have experienced war firsthand, providing clean drinking water for those returning from refugee camps, promoting educational and economic opportunities for women, and working to provide adequate health care in the villages of Southern Sudan.

Peace Education

For a generation that has known nothing but war, peace needs to be learned. It starts with education, providing schooling opportunities for the thousands of children displaced by the war. Read more about Michael and his vision for peace.

Widows and Orphans

The war left behind countless widows and orphans in Southern Sudan. These are the most helpless of the population, those without any means of supporting themselves. Compounding the difficulties are the cultural stigmas against widows and orphans; women are still second-class citizens. Without a husband, how does a widow support herself and her children?

Providing educational opportunities for the neediest of Southern Sudan will be critical to establishing stability in the area.

Sustainable Design

All too often, schools and health clinics are built in the developing world by well-meaning Westerners who build buildings to Western standards. However, these buildings do not function well in the local climate, with limited power and resources. We end up building ovens that cannot be cooled or erecting power systems that the local people cannot maintain.

Rebuild South Sudan believes in designing and building with indigenous architecture and materials, using resources readily available to locals, with attention to natural heating, cooling and light.  Read more about sustainability here.

Rebuilding Communities

Southern Sudanese are returning to their home villages after more than two decades of civil war. After a generation of living in refugee camps, rebuilding their lives and lost traditions will not be easy. There are no resources, few jobs, and even fewer educational opportunities, for both youth and adults. Providing for basic human needs will contribute to the stability of the area.

Rebuild South Sudan aims to build schools, health clinics, and wells for clean drinking water. Rebuilding community by rebuilding a place to call home.

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