1000 Messages of Peace

Encouraging Teachers in South Sudan


In 2015, Rebuild South Sudan held a teacher’s training in Bor county. Forty-seven teachers attended a ten-day long workshop which focused on strengthening their capacity to teach with a student-centered focus. At the end of the training, teachers had the opportunity to speak and give their opinions on what needs to be done to bring change in their region. One of the supervising teachers, Reuben Kang Mach, articulated his desire for Rebuild South Sudan to share their story in the United States, collect messages from Americans, and send the messages back to them in South Sudan. They want to know that their story is heard, and that they are not alone in these troubled times as South Sudan struggles to maintain peace and stable national leadership.

Rebuild South Sudan has taken initiative to collect 1000 messages to encourage teachers in such a difficult time. We’re collecting them here and will distribute them to the teachers via Facebook (the easiest way to get a message into South Sudan) over the next few months. We’ll deliver the whole package as a circulating document in January 2017, safety permitting! We still have a long road ahead of us, so we ask you to keep encouraging South Sudanese teachers. Keep sending us your messages to this and help us make a change!


Write a Message

If you haven’t already submitted a message, please do so HERE .

Tips for what to write:

  • Write to the general audience of teachers in Bor State. (Unless you have a group of people who are willing to make sure that            each teacher get’s a  personalized message. Contact katie@rebuildsouthsudan.org for more information.)
  • You can simply acknowledge that they are doing good work in hard times and encourage them to persevere.
  • You can express what you appreciate about teachers and why education is important.
  • You can encourage them in working to integrate girls into their schools.

These messages go a long way for a people who are not inundated with media, who don’t currently have access to a post office, and who have even very limited access to the internet. Facebook is used on mobile phones in areas where there is cell service.


See and Hear From our Teachers

Daruka calls for Support for Girls’ Education in South Sudan

Ruben Kang asks for Greetings from the United States



Message #1

“Abraham, While I have taught for over 40 years, teaching in America is not like teaching in the Sudan. I pray for you as you reach out to children who feel devastated. Having sent donations to a refugee camp for decades, I am aware of some of your difficulties. Don’t give up or give in to frustration. You are touching lives. You are making a difference. May
God give you strength, my friend, and show you the true source for hope.” -Terri

Message #2

“Please know we in America believe that education is the way for your country to move ahead. We pray God would send many teachers like yourself to influence the next generation of S Sudanese for peace and harmony. I WORK IN YAMBIO, WES, S SUDAN for and with people with disabilities and we are committed to building small schools for churches there in WES. Please be encouraged we stand with you.” -Pat

Message #3

“Dearest most-dedicated Teachers in South Sudan, we continue to pray for your success in bringing education and healing to your people. We stand with you and will continue to offer our support as you press on.” -Susan

Message #4

A group of women at my church and myself are praying for peace in your country and for you to stand strong and not be discouraged in the midst of so much violence and unrest. Teaching the children is most important. As a teacher you are a light to the future of your country. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 -Judy

Message #5

“Dear teacher in South Sudan,

“I want to first acknowledge the great work that you are doing in the lives of the next generation by spreading your knowledge. Continue to try to make a difference in the lives of others, so they can one day use their knowledge to change things in South Sudan. As I have read, the situation in Juba or south sudan in general is pretty critical. I want to send my words of encouragement and I believe that one day, because of the great work of professors, people would make better decision that those in power now. Again keep the good work because everything that we work for pays one day.”


Message #6

We constantly pray for you and know God is with you even in this darkest valley. Keep up the good work of instructing and changing young lives. Their education gives me hope for your country’s future. Keep up the work of His peace and reconciliation as He is the only hope of the world. You are not alone. We stand with you in spirit and prayer. -Pastor Paul

Message #7

“We heard you. We will remember you Abraham and pray for you in our morning prayers. We can’t know how hard it is but we will remember to pray for you!” -Michael and Teri

Message #8

“I am an educator working with young children, teachers, and parents in the city of San Francisco. Teachers are so important because they form the minds of the future generation. Thank you for all that you do, even in the midst of much difficulty.” -Dawn

Message #9

“Keep up the good, hard work you are doing! We are standing with you in solidarity and we are hoping and praying that God will provide you the strength, energy and wisdom to carry out His work. Teaching is one of the primary ways that people’s lives can be changed. Through your work you have the opportunity to help orient young people, help them find a good value system, and enable them with the tools they need to act on that value system in their daily lives. What you do is SO important, even though it is an often thankless job. Hang in there! I appreciate all you are doing for these children, our future.” -Jonathan

Message #10

“Dear Abraham and Fellow Teachers in South Sudan,
We are praying for your continued courage and faithfulness to the education of so many children in Jalle. We had Katie Rivers as a guest speaker last week and she shared the good news of a new school building and the commitment of all teachers. We hope that you will educate as many students as possible so that their dream of having a skill and an occupation becomes a reality and a new South Sudan will be built.
Praise God for your work!”-Cherie

Message #20

Dear and beloved teacher in South Sudan, Who am I to be writing encouragement to you– I am living in a country of wealth and security, while you are the ones who continually have to practice your faith in the midst of hardship and to scratch out hope from among the stones. But your commitment to the children, to the next generation, is the most beautiful way to live in hope. Please know that many people here in the U.S. stand with you and pray for you. Peace is possible. Thank you for holding on. -Zoe

Message #32

What a blessing you are to your students! You give them wisdom and courage — and of course give all of us courage too by your commitment and compassion. Thank you! -Kibbie

As of October 3, 2016, we have close to 60 messages! Only 940 more to go!

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