Michael Kuany

The story of Rebuild South Sudan starts with Michael Kuany. Not only is he the founder and impetus for our existence, but the continual inspiration for what we do. Since his youth Michael has been committed to education, which caused him to be among the several thousand South Sudanese to emigrate to the US for their education. Now armed with both a bachelors and masters, Michael is an evident leader in his community. For the first half of 2011 Michael lived in Juba, paving the way for our school project, but also hearing and seeing the needs of his country. Michael’s vision is not just for his home village, but for his home country. With out a doubt, Michael’s vision and commitment has recently lead him to the position of government ambassador and representative of Lost Boys and Lost Girls. We are excited for him to begin this position at the South Sudan embassy in Washington DC.

Michael, and Rebuild South Sudan, have taken three trips to Jalle in the past 4 years. The first trip took place in 2007 when Michael was first able to reunite with his family following the signing of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Accompanied by Zoe Mullery and Tessa Richardson, Michael reconnected with his family and community after nearly 20 years of separation. From that trip a vision was born: to build a school for the Jalle people; to realize their dream of education.

Two years later, after traveling and speaking, it was no surprise that Michael had found many people eager to see his dream become a reality. In 2009 a team of engineers and architects traveled to Jalle and worked tirelessly to design the best school for the community. Being conscious of the climate and special conditions of the area, this team eventually arrived at a revolutionary design to meet the many challenges of building in Jalle. They designed a building that would last; a school building that would become a symbol of hope and of their future.

To read Michael’s Full story, click here: http://rebuildsudan.org/michael-kuanys-story/

Articles By Michael

Unbearable Human Rights Abuse in South Sudan, Published in the Bor Globe on 15 August, 2012

Articles About Michael

Kuany Making a Difference in South Sudan, Written by Sam Lucero, Published in The Compass on 04 January 2012

Peace in Sudan, Peace Everywhere, Written by Jessica Conner, Published by United Methodist Church on 15 November 2011

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Places Michael Has Spoken

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Michael Kuany’s Story

I am one of the nine living children born to my family. As a young boy born in the rural village of Jalle in southern Sudan, my 6’4” mother believed that I was born in the year of great drought. She doesn’t know exactly what year it was because there were no clinics in the […]
Kuany making a difference in South Sudan

Kuany making a difference in South Sudan

Written by Sam Lucero | The Compass Wednesday, 04 January 2012 11:29 New Catholic Charities employee, one of ‘lost boys of Sudan,’ says education is key to country’s success GREEN BAY — Michael Ayuen Kuany was about 6 years old when Sudanese soldiers attacked his village in Jalle Payam, located in southern Sudan. “I could […]
South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan December 12th, 2011 at 2:36 pm By Michael Ayuen Kuany, USA (Borglobe) Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 up to the independence of South Sudan in July of 2011, Jonglei state has been a battlefield with little attention from the government of South […]
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