Peace Building

Project Purpose
Rebuild South Sudan intends to create contextual peace building curriculum for educational lessons and build capacity for peace work training by strategically partnering with local NGOs, faith based alliances, and peace building consultants, as well as collaborating and investing in local leaders and educators. Based on a variety of peace building theories and practices, the lessons in our curriculum will also be grounded in Biblical peace building principles.

Our goal for this project is to create a guiding set of tools, processes, and activities to be used by schools and churches to teach indigenous and contextual lessons in peace building. This curriculum will include lessons for the following objectives:

  • Identify community needs for peace and address root causes of past conflict
  • Promote indigenous non-violent approaches to conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • Strengthen perspective on rule of law
  • Cultivate trust through collaboration and commitment
  • Provide a methodology to achieve right relationships
  • Promote advocacy for self and others to transform unjust structures and systems

We believe peace is foremost locally owned and understand we can’t bring peace to the entire region ourselves. It is imperative that these tools are created through collaboration and a participatory process so they are appropriate and owned by the South Sudanese community.

In addition to the creation of this curriculum, we aim to build capacity of South Sudanese local leaders, educators, and elders both in the US and in South Sudan to teach these lessons of peace to their communities. By inviting and including them them in our preparation of the curriculum and implementing a plan of training in partnership with them, we hope to empower leaders to promote and advocate for peace within their communities.

Areas of Needs
The people of South Sudan have historically known more war than peace. For the past 4 generations, citizens have only known war as a result of conflict, and this pattern will continue until an alternative way arises. South Sudanese believe now that they are their own nation, it’s time to teach people how to solve conflict using a different means other than guns. It’s time to teach a way of peace.

Currently, there are little to no resources on peace building available to the South Sudanese. Schools and churches do not have the tools, processes, or activity training they need to teach healthy conflict resolution and encourage sustainable peace. In addition to the lack of peace building tools, there are few trained South Sudanese people who are leading peace building efforts, but our founder Michael Kuany is trained and has a masters in conflict transformation.

More information on our peace building work

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Kuany making a difference in South Sudan

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