Blake Clark


Second Guessing

Project Update by Blake Clark, Executive Director and Project Manager Some people ask me what takes up most of my time as executive director of Rebuild South Sudan. My response is, “Second guessing myself.” And I’m only half joking. This is generally not seen as the mark of a strong leader. “Damn the torpedoes, full […]


Myth Busted!

Project update by Blake Clark, Project Manager and Executive Director My quote for the week comes from Dave Gauthier, president of Winter Panel in Brattleboro Vermont, “Myth Busted!” This was his spontaneous response to the floor panel tests at his facility last week. In true Mythbuster’s style, things ended with a concussive bang, but after […]


Engineering, Maximization, and Logistics

Project Update from Blake Clark, Project Manager and Executive Director This week is all about engineering, maximization, and logistics. If you’re still reading, you might just be a little geeky, but you’d fit right in around here! Putting this project together is like putting together one of those jigsaw puzzles without a picture on it. […]

On Project Partnership

Project Update: From the Executive Director I realized I personally haven’t written an update since returning from South Sudan in June. Time seems to evaporate in this work! We’ve made a lot headway and some new friends on the project front. As many of you know, we’re introducing a new foundation technology to East Africa […]

Triumphs and Delays

From Blake Clark, Executive Director and Project Manager Check out our new project page! Come back for updates in the weeks ahead as the building takes shape. The website has been designed and developed entirely by volunteers. They’ve been busy completing the new look in time for our trip. Thanks! Speaking of the trip to […]

Project Update: Building in April

From Blake Clark, Executive Director and Project Manager Groundbreaking is scheduled for April! I can’t thank everyone enough who have contributed to this moment. Steel Structures in Nairobi has already finished fabricating the steel skeleton and the helical pier foundation system is in route. It will all come together in Jalle with two weeks of […]

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