New Years Message from Michael

Published January 5, 2014

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this message finds you well during this joyous time as we celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ and a New Year. Christmas is that time of the year where people give thanks to the Lord and celebrate, but it is unfortunate to report that the people of the Republic of South Sudan are mourning the death of their loves one due to the recent military conflict in the country.

The conflict started between the president and his former vice president who had been secretly supporting rebels in the country. The defector has made himself the leader of the rebels and he is killing civilians. He has capture my home town of Bor and he is killing innocent people including people who run to the UN compound to take refuge and protection.

I have lost contact with my own mother who went to South Sudan to attend the second funeral for my late father who passed away in May 2013. I am very worried for her safety as the rebels are hunting to kill those who are hiding in the bushes. People of South Sudan had suffered enough and I pray the Lord will bring them peace.

I would like to thanks all of you for your courageous efforts in helping bring peace through education to the people of South Sudan. Your loves are being felt and appreciated. My special welcome to our new Board members. You are part of the change that South Sudan need at this critical time in history. I am planning on writing an article about the ongoing crisis in the country. Thank you once again to all our donors and board members for making the dream of this organization a reality.


Michael A. Kuany!

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