Education Can Bring A Nation Together

Published December 20, 2013

The  ongoing rivalry between Salva Kiir and Riek Machar has imposed violence and ethical conflict to the country of South Sudan. Many people have fled, become misplaced, or forced to go into hiding to stay safe during the attacks and clashes. We acknowledge that there is disagreement between the government and the people, but we are hopeful knowing there is peace waiting for us in the future.

We strongly believe that by providing a school and education for children, it will not only provide children with literacy and communication skills, but it will provide confidence and the chance to have a successful future. But it’s not just about getting them into the classroom, it’s about teaching the children about being successful with the opportunities later on.

If we are able to provide a safe environment and quality education system,  the youth will have a better chance at creating a bright future for themselves. Education will create unity in the people, because people will be able to look after their families, support them, and be able to prosper. Citizens will be able to work together to create better relationships with people among the nation. The strength in humanity that education can provide will make poor countries richer and, in the long run, less dependent on foreign aid. The sooner we can bring education to South Sudan, the sooner we’ll be headed in the direction of peace. We can teach the new generation the importance of unity and reconciliation for all, and the endless possibilities of the future.

Writen by Adelynn Harrison, Photo by

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