Learning Dinka

Published October 1, 2015

2015 Delegation, Entry #10: 9/21/15


We begin each day with a discussion on the Book of Forgiving, led by Paul. After this we enjoy socializing with the teachers during a short tea break before the next session. One of the joys of this time has been the opportunity to learn some phrases in Dinka. Now each morning we shake hands with and say, “Chirwan!” (Good morning!)


Other useful Dinka phrases we learned (with many spelling errors, I’m sure!):

Loide? How are you?

Achingcrach! I’m fine (lit. “nothing is bad”)

An chi pyol myet  I am happy (lit. “my heart is happy”)

Wau be yok myak!  We will meet tomorrow (What you say instead of goodbye)





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