An Update from Michael

Published March 2, 2011

From Michael Kuany

Greetings from Juba, South Sudan! I hope this note finds you in good health.

I was fortunate to be in Jalle, my birth home in February with many high level government officials from the area to attend the prayers and ceremony of the just retired Bishop of Bor, Nathaniel Garang. For those of you who have been to Jalle, the area is very much occupied and it is full of tukuls (traditional huts).

Majority of the residents just returned from refugee camps in the neighboring countries where they have been living during the war period. While they were in the camps, their children were able to go to school, but now that there is peace in Sudan, they are required to return to their ancestral country. The opportunities they used to have while in the camps are no longer available to them. The need for schools are very high.

On a development note, I shared with the community about the school project and how their participation is very important, especially with financial contributions. The community unanimously agreed to raise money for roofing and they will continue to support us in any way they can. I also appeared on Sudan Radio Service (SRS, South Sudan Television (SSTV) and on BBC Africa. Thank you all for your continuous support of Rebuild South Sudan–please continue helping.

Below is a picture of me when I was interviewed by the Sudan Radio Service.

Thank you!

Michael Kuany

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