Keeping Current on South Sudan

Published November 6, 2014

A Digest of Recent News in South Sudan  

Peace is still drastically needed in South Sudan. President Salva Kiiir and rebel leader Riek Machar continue to take turns blaming one another for the ongoing outbreaks of violence and for the slowness of the peace talks being conducted in Ethiopia led by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). The United States, Canada, and the UN are threatening sanctions on the two leaders and some high level military leaders as peace talks continue to be ineffective. Numerous organizations and countries are calling for an arms embargo on South Sudan government leaders and the rebels; ideally less weapons would decrease the crimes against humanity. There is a concern that when the rainy season ends later this month that there will be renewed fighting between both sides.


Currently South Sudan has been spared any Ebola outbreaks. The nation is being advised by the World Health Organization to prepare in the event that the Ebola virus spreads to their country. It does seem, at the moment, to be simply precautionary. Given the political situation in South Sudan, an Ebola outbreak would be extremely detrimental and difficult to contain. Please continue to pray and hope that the international community can get the virus under control.


As an organization Rebuild South Sudan is continually monitoring the situation and staying in communication with members of the community in Jalle. We are committed to working wisely in South Sudan during these crisis times. The unrest makes it extremely difficult to transport materials to the school’s location. In times of extreme need, such as we are faced with in South Sudan, we must focus on the immediate necessities of the community, such as food. While our resolve to see the school construction completed remains unwavering, we must also do our part in keeping the children who will one day benefit from its walls from dying of starvation.  If you haven’t had a chance to read our blog on our Sustainable Supplies please take a moment to read it and consider giving to these efforts.


We are currently looking for a News Analyst Volunteer who can help us post news on a weekly basis to the blog. As a volunteer run organization, we have not had the capacity to post South Sudan news to our blog regularly this year. It is our goal in 2015 to be posting news weekly to the blog. In the meantime we encourage all of our supporters to keep up with what is happening in South Sudan. Here are some sources to check out:

South Sudan In Focus

Sudan Tribune


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