Children in the Streets of Unity State

Published September 17, 2013

In the last week, many street children in Unity state have been stopped and detained when found in the streets. Over 60 accounts have been reported by police, who fear that these children need help and direction away from the street life. Many reasons kids decide to leave their home are because of child abuse, neglect, peer pressure and an unstable home life. A common activity that has be recorded is children participating in gambling, and once found-they are arrested and sometimes accused of burglary and theft on site.

Since the children are minors, they wont be charged from the crimes they allegedly have committed. Officials of Unity state say that the only way the children will be released from official custody is if the parents of the child agree to take care of their children which is required by law. It has been said that the government’s intentions are to rid the street of children, but it is uncertain how much longer children will be held in jail when found running away from home and staying in the streets.

News like this should inspire us to help create safe places and great education to be, so we can be there for the kids.  If the children had easier access to school and more options of education and activities, the percentage of children who choose to run away could possibly decrease.

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