An Award For South Sudan Bishop, Previously a Child Soldier

Published September 28, 2013

On September 25th,  Elias Taban, a South Sudanese Bishop was recognized by The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Each year, individuals who illustrate global citizenship and peaceful solutions that effect positive, lasting social change, are nominated for a CGI award. Taban was recognized for his role in exemplifying peace which ended decades of North-South Sudan war.

Taban was born in 1955 into the city of Yei and by the age of 13 became an enslaved child soldier. Growing up, Taban and many others from the city were dependent on the Church, where they could instil their trust into Jesus Christ and know their prayers were heard. The Church has been very instrumental in giving hope to Taban, which inspired him to become a global evangelical leader. He is now the president of Sudan Evangelical Alliance, which was created by a group of people who began the process of restoration in the lives of their people after more than 2 decades of devastating war. Taban was identified for his administration in creating a network of wells, orphanages, health clinics and schools across the new nation. Geoff Tunnicliffe, the secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance says “He has made a huge contribution to the peace process in South Sudan. His courage, vision and work of reconciliation are an inspiration to many people”

Published on September 27th, Photographs by and

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