Youth Bonding Through Expressional Dance

Published November 24, 2013

New events involving youth from all cultures will be held in Bentiu stadium every Sunday, in Unity state. The aim is to bring children together through peaceful exchanges of dance and music, and to have a place where children are encouraged by one another and able to have something to relate to.

During the long civil war, people were forced to flee and become refugees. Many people traveled states away, all taking in new environments and new lifestyles. The dancing events now create a place where people can come together and express their cultural influences and create unity among the youth. “We have seen it create a lot friendship among us because as youths, it is really very interesting and help also eliminating such kind of hatred. When people come together and unite and play together it will also create relationship between youths”, says a dancer at the event.

In Unity state, culture is one of the most powerful things that the government and the Unity state community can use to move forward toward peace and development.

“Now you see many people are in the stadium seeing or watching the cultural activities; it is peace by itself”, said the director of the events. Many people have been expressing their thankfulness that the government is willing to allow such events that create a more peaceful environment.

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