What’s Happening in South Sudan?

Published April 20, 2015

Snippets from South Sudan: Cattle Raids, Bombs, Prayers for Peace

This isn’t a comprehensive analysis of what’s happening in South Sudan, just some events we wanted to point out. South Sudan continues to be a place where hope and tragedy are intertwined, and we hope the articles and events listed hear give witness to that. We’ve included the links as resources for readers who want to find out more.

Jalle Cattle Raids

On April 7, 2015, Commissioner of Bor county, Mamer Ruk reported that at least 80 head of cattle had been stolen from the Dinka’s Jalle community the day before. The number of cattle stole could be as high as 112. This attack is the latest in a long string of attacks on the Jonglei state. The Jalle area has been a hotspot for cattle raid, child abductions and loss of life over the last year. The Muerle tribe is the prime suspect in all of these particular attacks.

Click here to read more from the Sudan Tribune.
Click here to listen to Michael Kuany’s South Sudan In Focus Radio interview by Karin Zeitvogel concerning Jalle’s response to the February cattle raid. (The story starts at 19:08.)

Faith in the Quest for Peace

On April 14 -15, 2015 representatives from the World Council of Churches (WCC) and South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) met together to discuss ways forward in bringing out peace in South Sudan. Though South Sudan has become its own nation, peace isn’t the norm yet. Lives are still lost and the South Sudanese are suffering. Church representatives are calling for peace with justice. The representatives feel that it is important for people of faith to be peacemakers in this conflict, facilitating honest and meaningful political dialogue that brings peace and understanding.

Click here to read more at All Africa.

Cluster Bombs Fall on South Sudan

Human Rights Watch released a report linking the recent bombing in South Sudan to cluster bombs used by Sudan. Ateny Wek Ateny, a presidential spokesperson, reported that four people have been killed and 9 people wounded in air strikes against South Sudan in early April 2015. Two of the four people killed were children.

Click here to read more from South Sudan In Focus.
Click here to read more from Fox News.
Click here to read more from Stars and Stripes.
Click here to read more from North Denver News

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