We are in Sudan! Trip update #1

Published May 17, 2011

From Sarah Gerber, Director of Communications

We have arrived in Juba, South Sudan! Michael, the Director General (of telecommunications), the chairman of the Jalle community, and various other officials were there waiting for us at the airport. The Director General graciously maneuvered us through customs and took us (along with all the others) to a restaurant for lunch. The Director General is from the Jalle region and has a true commitment to the community, he is willing to take time from his busy schedule to make our welcome to Juba a first-class affair. We are honored by his attention and care.

Later, we toured some of the central hub of Juba with Michael and Mading, the editor-in-chief of the New Sudan Vision paper. Tomorrow we look forward to an interview with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and a meeting with the Jalle community leaders.

One of the most surprising observations today was the endless number of NGOs and organizations working in South Sudan, each with their own headquarters compound. As we drove through the city every other building we pasted was either an NGO or a government building. Also surprising is the number nice, luxury cars we saw; their gleaming, sleek forms a striking contrast to their environment around them.

Overall, we are well, a little tired and so happy to be here. Somehow being here in Juba feels completely natural; it is a good feeling.

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