The Struggle to Eat in 2013

Published March 5, 2013

A third of South Sudan’s population (four million people) will have trouble accessing food this year.

The United Nations warns that “continued fighting may increase the number of people needing aid.”

Emergency food will still be needed due to high food prices and poor commercial supply.

A year ago, the government cut off the oil supply to Sudan which was the main income for South Sudan, enabling the country to import food from abroad.
Some of the challenges that are affecting agricultural potential are:
– Lack of roads.
– Tribal and Rebel violence.
– Armed cattle rustling.
– Conflicts between and among communities.
– The activity of militia groups.

World Food Program (WFP) announced that they plan to provide 224,00 tons of food and nutrition to assist 2.8 million vulnerable people.

Published by Reuters on 1 March 2013, Written by Hereward Holland, Photographs by Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah. See original article here.

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