Sudanese Lost Boy Gives Back & Gives Thanks

Published March 26, 2013

Jacob Atem, who was the age of six or seven when the militiamen from the north came to his home, was separated from his family and forced to flee for his life along with his cousin Michael. His life was forever changed, due to the violence of the civil war.

Over the next few years he stayed in refugee camps in Ethiopia as well as Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee camp which is run by the UN refugee agency. He stayed there for nine years getting his basic education before settling in Michigan, U.S.

Although he knew he could not go back home just yet, but he was immensely grateful to the UNHCR for their helping in him get resettled.

In February of 2013, he returned to his hometown Maar of Jonglei state for the first time, in hopes of helping rebuild the place he once lived. He established a health clinic that provides tens of thousands of people in Jonglei state with medical assistance.

The center heavily relies on the help of the United States, as well as international non-governmental organizations, UNHCR and South Sudan Health Minestry for supplies and assistance.

Athough Jacob’s clinic faces funding challenges, he is determined to help his fellow Sudanese.
“It’s the passion, where we grew up, and giving back to the community, whose members have not been as fortunate as me.”

Published by on 18 February 2013, Written by Trevor Alford and Natalie Green, Photographs by Photograph by L. Michaelson. See original article here.

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