San Francisco Middle School Walks for South Sudan

Published May 9, 2015


On Friday, May 8, 2015,  twenty-five students from James Lick Middle School in San Francisco, their teacher, and three Rebuild South Sudan volunteers gathered after school to show their support for students in South Sudan with their feet.  They marched through the neighborhood to raise awareness of the educational needs of South Sudan as well as to raise money for the school that Rebuild South Sudan is building.  This march was an action the students decided to take after Rebuild South Sudan volunteers visited their classes and taught a lesson on South Sudan. Many students were moved by the presentation and asked how they could help.  Students raised money for Rebuild South Sudan by finding people to sponsor them for a fundraising walk. The walk included hiking to the top of a steep hill to get a tiny taste of the physical exertion the Lost Boys went through on their long journey. The students carried posters they created and chanted “Education is power!  Help South Sudan!.”  They also passed out postcards with information about RSS. Their route included a very populated street full of people on their way to various shops and sitting at sidewalk cafes. Several bypassers enthusiastically responded to the students’ march, giving them a thumbs up or clapping loudly, and a few people gave donations as a result.  In total, the students raised $353.

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