Run to Rebuild South Sudan 2016

Published June 30, 2016

Donations for education in South Sudan are still coming in!

We want to give send a sincere “Thank you!” for the $7,683 collected so far.

It was on a foggy Sunday morning that our brave runners for Rebuild South Sudan ran at the 2016  San Francisco Marathon. Rebuild South Sudan has long been running in races as part of the quest to raise awareness of the South Sudanese story. Judy, Lee, Katie and Dawn all  ran to remember the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan who  had to run from their villages in order to survive.

It is difficult to imagine that some people across the ocean are  running right now for their lives as the government in South Sudan is unstable. Families, single mothers and orphans have no choice but to take everything that they can carry with them and flee in quest of a safer life. We are glad that people like our runners are investing their time and energy  in trying to not only share the pain with the people in South Sudan, but to also bring the light on this unfortunate situation.

Each runner has gained more than personal satisfaction, but they have gained personal fulfillment knowing that running for the 2016 San Francisco Marathon was more than just a race; it was literally a race to save the people in South Sudan.


Judy, Katie, Dawn and Lee reflecting on what their accomplishment means for South Sudan.


Here is a an inspiring reflection by Lee on his experience:

The 2016 San Francisco marathon is in the books! It was a cloudy and drizzly morning. Fighting a little bit of sickness leading up to race day, I was not actually sure I would be able to run the race. But I felt great this morning. I started the race in good shape but hit a proverbial wall around mile 15 and the rest of the race was a psychological exercise of pain suppression, distraction and sheer determination. I wasn’t convinced I would actually make it to the end but I wasn’t about to give up either.
While running I thought about the choice I had to run for leisure in juxtaposition to the fact that many people in South Sudan have been running for their lives over the last 30 years. It was a grounding perspective. Not just the Lost Boys of Sudan who ran for their lives over thousands of miles to Kenya and Ethiopia, but even still today South Sudan is riddled with violence and injustice and people are forced to run from their very homes in order to survive.
So I want to say a sincere thank you for donating and supporting. You are bringing light and hope to a place and a people that desperately need it. You are making a difference.
The numbers are still being tallied but it looks like you all gave about $7,600 together so far to our team. That money will go towards building a school and providing other educational benefits to the rural community Jalle.
I did finish my run in about 4hr 8mins but the race to help the people of South Sudan continues.

Happy to be done, our runners are proud to announce their results.

Make their miles matter and donate based on our runner’s achievements!

Support education in South Sudan with Judy Smith, by sponsoring her for one dollar per minute. Donate $33.04  to provide an optimal learning environment for teachers and students. The most common location for school in South Sudan is under a tree; we’re working on a floor and walls for the building.

Support education in South Sudan with Dawn Noelle Smith Beutler, by sponsoring her for one dollars per minute. Donate $34.05 to contribute to a system of education in South Sudan, which is an exit from cycles of violence and decades of war.

Support education in South Sudan with Katie Rivers, by sponsoring her for one dollar per minute. Donate $31.33 to search for grant funding to complete the floors and walls on the school building as she steps into the role of Executive Director.

Support education in South Sudan with Lee by sponsoring him one dollar per minute. Donate $247.51 or two dollars per mile Donate $52.40.

You can also shout out to the entire team with a $35.50 donation, which is one dollar per mile for the team mileage total, through Judy’s page.



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