Rebuilding Home

Published August 8, 2012

South Sudanese youth have known only know a life of war. They have spent their childhood in refugee camps, moving from place to place and not knowing if family members survived the thousands of miles on foot. But with independence of South Sudan finally comes the dream to return for the first time to the place of their origin. The moment they stepped within the border, many of them told me they knew they were finally home. Though the skies are painting with the same orange of the stories they have grown up hearing, their villages and land have been raped by years of war. The rebuilding process will take time, but it is only the people who have come through such hardship who have the strength to bring peace and stability back to their people.

This photo, as well as many others, is for sale by Board President Jill Sornson Kurtz to support the project. You can buy the photo knowing the proceeds will contributing towards Rebuild Sudan’s flagship school project.

Rebuilding Home in South Sudan / Juba, South Sudan / May 24, 2009

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