Mission of Mercy: Update #19

Published June 13, 2011

Amid the completely intolerable snoring last night came a knock at the door. Two people had been shot walking to cattle camp. I know this because when I attempted to escape the snoring by setting up a tent in the compound all hell broke loose. Too dangerous. What do you think you’re doing? Apparently the two bent nails holding the hut’s tin door closed would protect me from the bad men with guns, but my tent would not. Those must be magic nails. Emotions were clearly running high. A compromise was found with me taking refuge on the floor of an adjacent hut, also with magical nails. Perception is reality I guess.

The next morning, cooler heads prevailed and the sad truth remained that a young woman and a man from the community were shot last night. I was told it was far from here, but I don’t know what “far” means in context. The two had been taken (by motorcycle?) to the clinic here in central Jalle. The young woman had been shot in the leg and foot and the man through the shoulder. They received trauma treatment here, but needed to be transported to the hospital in Bor for additional medical care and recovery.

So this morning I was the local ambulance. Both victims, with help, were able to get into the back seat. This was not a scene from “ER”, everyone was calm and purposeful. In addition to the two patients, family members and community leaders also piled in. The young woman and man would surely survive their wounds, but I now had to make sure that the severely overloaded Landcruiser wouldn’t careen out of control on slippery roads. It was a long slow trip. Once at the hospital in Bor they were examined and admitted. I’m at least grateful that they didn’t have to wait in the hours-long line.

For everyone involved in the labors of building this school in Jalle, board members, volunteers, donors, consider this. To complete this task we must rise above excitement. We must move beyond commitment. Nothing short of unwavering resolve from every single person associated with this project will prevail. Life is hard here. No one can do this alone.


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