Listening with the right hemisphere

Published February 4, 2012

My wife would be the first to tell you I am about 98% left-brained – on a good day. Here in South Sudan, I’m stretching the 2% that isn’t strictly logical just to have a simple conversation and it’s that 2% that has to interpret context and every conversation I have relies on context that I don’t have and so, it’s amazing I can figure anything out, but really, I’m just guessing most of the time. Which is why in the course of 24 hours, we seem to have arrived in Jalle with almost nothing we need to actually begin construction – strike that – we have everything we need to start construction except for the things we don’t and that is also to say that we haven’t started construction and we may or may not start tomorrow. Oh and also – this is not anyone’s fault as far as I can tell and everyone is working hard at getting the things and people we need to actually do something so no one is shirking responsibility and…

if at this point you’re finding it difficult to read my run-on sentences welcome to the context.

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