Limited Papers for South Sudan Exams

Published June 30, 2013

The Ministry of Education admits to running out of national examination papers for secondary school students, in South Sudan’s Unity State.    1,500 students in Unity state who took the exam were told that they would have to wait half of their day until the capital of Juba could supply the papers.

Peter Par Nhial, a parent of a student in Unity state expressed his frustration towards the examiners and teachers for not supplying enough papers for all of the students. Nhial also said that there were mistakes and errors found on the test, and that it as unfair for students to fail because of the confusing test.

It has been reported that some schools in South Sudan are overcrowded, which result children to sitting under tree instead of in classrooms. This wont be an appropriate solution to crowded classrooms, because the rainy season is approaching soon.

The authorities of nine counties in Unity state are coming together to brainstorm ways in which they can build more schools, and teach communities how they can achieve this on their own, so they aren’t dependent on the role of the ministry of education.

Published by AllAfrica on April 23rd, written By: Bonifacio Taban Kuich   Photo by Micah Albert              see original article here

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