Jalle Payam School: Roof in Process

Published September 8, 2015

Teachers in Jalle Payam are anxious to have a roof over their students heads.

We have some great news about the school building in Jalle Payam, all the roofing materials are on site and being installed! Teachers have already been holding classes under the steel structure but are extremely excited to soon have a completed roof over their students’ heads. It has been a challenge to get to this point, the original roofing materials were burned in Bor when civil war broke out in December 2013. Since then the economy has been unstable and there was a overall lack of building supplies which drove the cost of the materials extremely high. Once the price dropped, we had to wait until the rainy season was over so that it would be possible to transport the supplies to Jalle. Perseverance along with a healthy dose of patience has made it possible to overcome these obstacles and we are so happy that this next step is being completed. The walls are next!


We thank you so much for your continued support and are looking forward to when the school is completely finished. If you would like to donate please click here.

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