Jalle Attacked

Published January 30, 2014

Thank you for your continues prayers for peace in South Sudan. The general situation is still tense but improving day by day. The government and the rebels signed cessation of hostilities two weeks ago to end the one month old conflict between the government and rebels forces.

Regardless of the signed cessation of hostilities, the rebels are still violating the agreement by targeting civilians. Two days ago my home area of Jalle was attacked by the rebels killing 16 people in which 9 of them were elderly men and women and the rest were children. After few hours of occupying the area, the rebels forces were repulsed by the government forces. This acts on the rebels side is not acceptable and must stop immediately.

The leader of the rebels who claims to be fighting in the name of democracy must understand that democracy does not kill and must refrain from using military force against his own people.

I also want to thanks those who have responded financially to help the victims of this conflict, your donations will make a greater impact in the lives of the displace who have no shelter, food, cloths, clean drinking water and medical supplies. Please continue to pray for the ongoing peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Also I am heading back to South Sudan this weekend and I hope to be in constant communication with you.



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