End Violence for Children in South Sudan

Published August 5, 2013

An organization called The United Nations Children Fund has made a global call encouraging people to speak out and stand up to make an end of all forms of violence inflected on children.

UNICEF makes a statement about Sudanese children continuously being subjected to violence whether it be child marriage, child labor, child abduction, and many others.

  “When children are exposed to violence, not only are they left with physical wounds but also mental scars. This affects their physical and mental health, compromises their ability to learn and socialize and undermines their development,” said UNICEF’s Representative, Dr Yasmin Ali Haque.
  Liam Neeson, actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, is featured in a video soon to be posted by UNICEF and states that “Just because you can’t see violence against children doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”
  The aspiration for UNICEF is to inspire people to stand up against all violence towards children and to encourage people to join movements and organizations to end it.
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Published on August 3rd, 2013, written by Sudan Tribune, Photo by unmultimedia.org
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