Encourage Teachers in South Sudan with us!

Published July 25, 2016

Encouraging teachers to continue to make a difference in the lives of the young generation in South Sudan.



In 2015, Rebuild South Sudan held a teacher’s training in Bor county. Forty-seven teachers attended a ten-day long workshop which focused on strengthening their capacity to teach with a student-centered focus. At the end of the training, teachers had the opportunity to speak and give their opinions on what needs to be done to bring change in their region. One of the supervising teachers, Reuben Kang Mach, articulated his desire for RSS to share their story in the United States, collect messages from Americans, and send the messages back to them in South Sudan. They want to know that their story is heard, and that they are not alone in these troubled times as South Sudan struggles to maintain peace and stable national leadership.

To fully appreciate what an encouragement to a teacher in South Sudan means, it is important to remember that these teachers have little to work with. Most often school is held under a tree, and school supplies are scarce, as well as food and peace. Being a teacher in South Sudan right now is a difficult task that only those with a strong drive will be able to accomplish. You can be part of fueling this strong drive with a few words that will let them know they are not forgotten.

Rebuild South Sudan is taking the initiative to collect 1,000 messages to encourage teachers in such a difficult time. Some may ask, but why 1,000 messages? Well, our inspiration came from the Japanese thousand origami paper cranes, which promises that everybody who folds a thousand paper cranes receive favors from God. We want to collect a thousand messages from people as hope for peace in South Sudan and prosperity in the work of these teachers.

Here is Abraham’s message to people.

Rebuild South Sudan is committed to support education and peace in Jalle county and we invite you to help us in this journey. Here is a link  where you can craft your message and send words of encouragements to teachers in South Sudan. We understand that not everybody can donate, so this is an opportunity for anybody who has a few minutes to dedicate to a great cause, to do so. John C. Maxwell would say;  “teamwork makes the dream work”, so we thank you in advance for teaming with us hoping that our dream to educate South Sudan comes to reality.

To learn more about how to contribute financially to our work, meet us on the donation page.


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