Closing Ceremony

Published October 22, 2015

2015 Delegation, Entry #15: 9/26/15

Closing ceremony 301
The 2015 Teacher Training officially came to a close today. Paul shared a bit about the history and goals of Rebuild South Sudan, and Susan gave some words of encouragement. She reviewed what our goals were in the teacher training, especially our desire to see student-centered methods, and strategies for preparing children to be life-long learners and future leaders. She congratulated the teachers for their hard work and their eagerness to learn. She shared how inspired our team has been by them. I found these words of hers particularly moving: “Your greatest resource here is not oil, not the Nile, not the land, nor the precious metals in your hills; the greatest resource is you the people, and the children you teach.” Visiting educational dignitaries also spoke words of affirmation and challenge to the teachers, and expressed their deep appreciation of Rebuild South Sudan and the teacher training.

Distinguished guests included Senator Kuol Bol; Director General, Abel Manyuon Jok; the Commissioner of Bor County Isaac Mamer Ruk Anyieth; Bor County Educational Director, Mach Thuch, and Bishop Philip.

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