Introducing Zoe Mullery

Published October 20, 2011

For the next couple of weeks we will be introducing and highlighting each of the board members on Rebuild South Sudan’s Board of Directors. Some of these people have been serving with Rebuild Sudan for years and others have recently joined. To begin, one of Rebuild South Sudan’s longest members, introducing…

Zoe Mullery

Board Member

Zoe’s involvement with Sudan began when she accompanied Rebuild South Sudan founder Michael Kuany there in 2007 and experienced firsthand both the cultural and spiritual treasure of Southern Sudan as well as the devastation wrought by the long war. Zoe has taught creative writing for seventeen years, mostly in the context of prisons or residential drug rehab programs. In both settings she has witnessed the power of the written word to help develop minds and hearts—something she would love the children of Southern Sudan to have the opportunity to experience. Zoe currently teaches at San Quentin State Prison and lives in an intentional Christian community in San Francisco with her 8-year-old daughter.

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