The Best Pizza in Juba: Update #17

Published June 13, 2011

Pizza at last! Pizza at last! Thank God almighty there is pizza at last! With due apologies to Dr King and all struggling people everywhere. I was very excited when I located Notos restaurant, “The best pizza in Juba.” Things were looking up for my remaining days in Juba. Then, I counted what I have left in my wallet. After I settle the bill for my hotel room (which includes meals) I’ll have exactly 44 pounds left over. That’s about 15 bucks. Not enough for a night out in Juba. It’s not like I can whip out a credit card here or head to the ATM. What I have in cash is my net worth.

I resolved to visit Notos when I return. I was finally coming to terms with the fact this would be a trip sans pizza when I went downstairs to to dinner. (Maybe I should pause and note that I really like pizza? Or have you all figured that out using what my 3rd grade teacher called “context clues”) I’ve spent the better part of a month coming and going from the South Sudan Hotel and the meal routine has never altered. A buffet with rice, beef, chicken, fish, and potatoes with a few variations on recipes and sides. Tonight, however, someone handed me a menu. “What’s this?” as my 18-month-old would ask.

Included on the menu was rice, beef, chicken, fish, potatoes and a few sides. Not included on the menu was “chicken pizza”, but when my server handed it to me I distinctly heard her say “chicken pizza”. Now I must say, that every true pizza lover – in my humble opinion – would never put chicken on a pizza. Given that, I asked hopefully if I could get a cheese-only pizza, no chicken. “Yes!” was the cheerful response with a thumbs up. I waited in anticipation.

The personal-size pizza arrived hot and smelled delicious. It was cooked to perfection and the crust was fresh. It had a hint of garlic and the cheese was nicely browned. I enjoyed every bite. Tomorrow I’ll order it again — though next time I’ll be sure to clarify I would still like tomato sauce included on my cheese-only pizza!


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