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Why I’m Still Wishing South Sudan a Happy Birthday

A letter from Michael Kuany To all the supporters of Rebuild South Sudan and of me and my family, I greet you. I hope this finds you in good health. 

I know it has been some time since I’ve given an in depth update on my life and work. The last few years have been very […]

Bor Town Store

South Sudan Finding Hope Amidst the Turmoil

A Digest of South Sudan’s Current Events Insights on South Sudan’s Famine In the article “South Sudan Inches Closer to Famine,” the NRC reports the people of South Sudan are arriving at  “the lean season”. The lean season happens every year from May to July and happens in part because the people of South Sudan […]

God Grew Tired of Us

Films that Tell the South Sudanese Story

A List of Documentaries As many people are learning about the South Sudanese Story, we wanted to compile a list of documentaries that illuminate the world’s newest nation. Think of this page as a resource for you, our supporters and partners. God Grew Tired of Us In the film God Grew Tired of Us, three […]

South Sudan Independence Feature Photo

Hope in the Civil War in South Sudan

Hope is not a Luxury on the Anniversary of Independence Day                                  “Memories from the 2014 Celebration” On July 4th the United States celebrated her independence with a flamboyant public, nationwide explosion of hot dogs, BBQs in every shape and size […]

South Sudan peace

The Transitional Government of South Sudan

“My brother is in Juba” – From Civil War to Reconciliation The Transitional Government On April 26th Riek Macher returned to Juba and was sworn in as vice president, a condition of the peace agreement signed in August of last year. Upon his return, both Macher and Salva Kiir appealed to the international community for aid, and […]

Roof Announcement Feature Image

Hope is Roof-shaped: Development in South Sudan

One roof closer to completing this building as an offering to hope and development in South Sudan. In October of 2015, the roof of the only permanent structure for miles was installed in Jalle Payam. We want to take a moment to celebrate that! And at the same time, we want to take many moments to remember the […]


Big Books in South Sudan for International Literacy Day

One of the first memories many of us have is of sitting on a parent’s lap as they read to us one of our favorite children stories. However, in South Sudan most children don’t have books of their own at home. Rebuild South Sudan has been working with Dr. Mac H. Brown, a retired professor […]

Book Spines

World Book Day Supports South Sudan

Literacy, Books, and Education in South Sudan: Education is seen as the backbone of South Sudan’s future. It is slowly but surely finding its way into South Sudan spine by spine. Schools Reopen in Jonglei’s Duk County In March of 2015, 1000 pupils returned to schools that were destroyed in last year’s fighting. Children have been with […]

What’s Happening in South Sudan?

Snippets from South Sudan: Cattle Raids, Bombs, Prayers for Peace This isn’t a comprehensive analysis of what’s happening in South Sudan, just some events we wanted to point out. South Sudan continues to be a place where hope and tragedy are intertwined, and we hope the articles and events listed hear give witness to that. We’ve […]


Stories Of Joy And Sorrow: Recent Events In South Sudan

Over the past couple weeks, South Sudan has witnessed one event that must have brought indelible joy to many, and another that certainly has caused others sorrow and grief. The story of joy and hope grows out of an entrenched problem within South Sudan: child soldiering. Last week, on January 27th, the South Sudanese Democratic […]

War is Expensive

War is Expensive

Frontier Economics releases a report on the cost of war in South Sudan. Oil plays a major role in the revenue for the new nation of South Sudan, and ideally oil money is used to develop the nation. Roads and schools were among the first things promised, and in fact Rebuild South Sudan was hoping […]


VOA’s: A Look Back at 2014 in South Sudan in Tumult

Karin Zeitvogel with South Sudan in Focus has put together a month by month chronicle of key events for the nation of South Sudan entitled A Look Back at 2014  in South Sudan in Tumult. This piece contains a slide show which gives those of us to who are not in the country a better picture of what it […]

Map of South Sudan Bor Juba Jalle

Keeping Current on South Sudan

A Digest of Recent News in South Sudan   Peace is still drastically needed in South Sudan. President Salva Kiiir and rebel leader Riek Machar continue to take turns blaming one another for the ongoing outbreaks of violence and for the slowness of the peace talks being conducted in Ethiopia led by the Intergovernmental Authority […]

Michael with Flag July 2014

Reflections on Independence in South Sudan

Last month, South Sudan celebrated its day of independence, marking the third year since the inception of the world’s newest country. Celebration, however, was undoubtedly muted for the many people who have been displaced from their homes or have lost loved ones in the conflict that has wracked the country for the past nine months. This […]


San Francisco Event

Michael Kuany, founder of the nonprofit Rebuild South Sudan ( and one of the “Lost Boys” of South Sudan, came to the US in 2001 after a childhood spent in refugee camps. He and thousands of other children fled a bloody civil war in 1985. Since arriving in the States in 2001, he has received […]


Meeting Long Term Needs

As the unrest and sporadic violence continues in South Sudan, we must identify and help meet the long term needs that bring an end to a cycle of destruction. In a country whose people have only known war and violence, the only things that will ensure long term change are education and a firm belief […]


South Sudan Update- February 15, 2014

Dear Team, Today February 15, 2014, a memorial service for those who had been murdered in Jalle last month by the rebels was held here in Juba, South Sudan. Government officials as well as community leaders delivered speeches in remembrance of the deceased. It was painful to hear the story told by one member of […]


Jalle Attacked

Thank you for your continues prayers for peace in South Sudan. The general situation is still tense but improving day by day. The government and the rebels signed cessation of hostilities two weeks ago to end the one month old conflict between the government and rebels forces. Regardless of the signed cessation of hostilities, the rebels are […]


Nobel Peace Prize Money for the Children

The Lutheran World Federation received a grant of US $815,000 from the European Union (EU) to begin to construct ways to deliver education on war-affected children in South Sudan. South Sudan is the world’s newest country and also one of the poorest on the planet, and has also experienced internal conflict since its independence on […]


Youth Bonding Through Expressional Dance

New events involving youth from all cultures will be held in Bentiu stadium every Sunday, in Unity state. The aim is to bring children together through peaceful exchanges of dance and music, and to have a place where children are encouraged by one another and able to have something to relate to. During the long […]


Voting For the Rights to Abyei’s Oil

Abyei, an oil-rich region located on the border between Sudan and South Sudan has been a region of unresolved conflict. Last year when South Sudan was voting to become an independent county, the voting for the right to oil was supposed to take place.The stalling of the vote has left people in a year full […]


Equal Rights to Education

Agnes Odhiambo, a journalist for Human Rights Watch interviewed a young woman named Mary K. from South Sudan, who talked about her experience in school and her dreams for when she grew up. Mary K. was 16 at the time she was pulled out of school. She dreamed of being an accountant and continuing her […]


South Sudan’s First Lady Extends Support

On Friday in New York, the first lady of South Sudan-Mary Ayen Mayardit urged support for an organization she founded called Concern for Women and Children (CWC). The mission of the organization is to diminish suffering, injustice and poverty by empowering women and supporting children. The first lady spoke at the First Ladies Alliance ceremony […]

bishop elias taban

An Award For South Sudan Bishop, Previously a Child Soldier

On September 25th,  Elias Taban, a South Sudanese Bishop was recognized by The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Each year, individuals who illustrate global citizenship and peaceful solutions that effect positive, lasting social change, are nominated for a CGI award. Taban was recognized for his role in exemplifying peace which ended decades of North-South Sudan war. […]


Children in the Streets of Unity State

In the last week, many street children in Unity state have been stopped and detained when found in the streets. Over 60 accounts have been reported by police, who fear that these children need help and direction away from the street life. Many reasons kids decide to leave their home are because of child abuse, […]


Destitute Children in Unity State

The local authorities in Unity state are concerned that the number of children in the streets may be on the rise. Bentiu and Rubkotna hold high population for children who are fleeing their homes and walking the streets at night. In over 50 recent cases, studies have shown the the majority of children are girls. […]

SPLM Rally Bentiu  EDT

New Cabinet For Unity State

   A couple weeks have passed since president Kiir released his government, but on Thursday the final line-up of the new cabinet was set in place. The new government consists of 11 ministers, as well as a deputy governor and five other advisers. About a month ago, Joseph Monytuel (the state’s caretaker governor) spoke to […]

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$30 Million Donation to South Sudan

Over the next three years, South Sudan will be receiving a $30 million development package from Plan International. Nigel Chapman, the CEO of Plan International says that the funds will be given to support the South Sudan educational system. The donation will also help to employ the youth and give support to humanitarian work. “We […]


End Violence for Children in South Sudan

An organization called The United Nations Children Fund has made a global call encouraging people to speak out and stand up to make an end of all forms of violence inflected on children. UNICEF makes a statement about Sudanese children continuously being subjected to violence whether it be child marriage, child labor, child abduction, and […]


President Kiir Receives A Call From The Youth

A few days after President Kiir of South Sudan relieves his government, he received a call from a concerned youth group urging him to replace his government with people who aspire to fulfill South Sudan’s hopes and dreams. The President’s motives for releasing his government came from a history of tension and disagreement, but he […]

South Sudan President

President Kiir Removes VP and Entire Government

The president of South Sudan (Salva Kiir Mayardit) broadcasted on the state radio in Juba of his release of the secretary-general of the ruling party, 17 brigadiers in the police service, and every national minister and deputy minister of his government. The Vice president Riek Machar has be relieved of office and he currently does […]

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir visits South Sudan

S Sudan two years on: Adjusting expectations

“Toward effective nation building and prosperity for all”, encourage the billboards across this city. As South Sudan’s capital prepares to celebrate its second independence day on July 9, mixed feelings linger about the progress the youngest nation in the world has made since independence. “We are free now, but life hasn’t gotten better,” said Ruth, […]


Food Distribution in Unity State

The United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) is committed to providing double the amount of food to schools in Unity state. This year, 97 schools will be participating in the feeding program, last year 40 schools received food from the program. The minister of general education in Unity state (Angelo Chol Dongwa) met with WFP […]


Building A School for South Sudan

Philips Bragg made a trip with his wife Leslie McLean Bragg along with their friend James Lubo Mijak, to South Sudan last month. They made this trip to see the school that the three of them built. James Lubo Mijak met the Bragg’s in June of 2001 and shared his story of how he became […]


Limited Papers for South Sudan Exams

The Ministry of Education admits to running out of national examination papers for secondary school students, in South Sudan’s Unity State.    1,500 students in Unity state who took the exam were told that they would have to wait half of their day until the capital of Juba could supply the papers. Peter Par Nhial, […]


Donation To A School In South Sudan

Lutheran Church of Peace in Platteville, WI has made a donation of $60,000 dollars to African Soul, American Heart (ASAH) a school for orphan girls in South Sudan. ASAH has been invited by tribal chiefs in Duk, Jonglei to build a dormitory for the girls of the school.The Dorm will open in May with hopes […]


South Sudan Archbishop Agrees to Talk Peace

Daniel Deng Bull, South Sudan Archbishop and chairman of Jonglei peace committee, spoke at the end of the Woman’s Peace conference in the city of Bor. South Sudan Government and an estimate of 400 women met from Monday to Wednesday to discuss ways in which they can practice peace within communities. Daniel Deng Bull agrees […]


Unity State Official Publicly Declares High Rate of School Dropouts.

An official of South Sudan Unity state has announced the high rate of school dropouts of young woman and girls. The largest cause is due to forced marriages at an early age, which disinherit young woman and girls to an education. This is an old practice where parents push their daughters into marriage for wealth. […]

Child marriage in South Sudan

(Juba, March 7, 2013) — The government of South Sudan should increase efforts to protect girls from child marriage. The country’s widespread child marriage exacerbates South Sudan’s pronounced gender gaps in school enrollment, contributes to soaring maternal mortality rates, and violates the right of girls to be free from violence, and to marry only when […]

UNHCR Giving back

Sudanese Lost Boy Gives Back & Gives Thanks

Jacob Atem, who was the age of six or seven when the militiamen from the north came to his home, was separated from his family and forced to flee for his life along with his cousin Michael. His life was forever changed, due to the violence of the civil war. Over the next few years […]

A woman from the Dinka tribe stands in front of her shelter near Bor

The Struggle to Eat in 2013

A third of South Sudan’s population (four million people) will have trouble accessing food this year. The United Nations warns that “continued fighting may increase the number of people needing aid.” Emergency food will still be needed due to high food prices and poor commercial supply. A year ago, the government cut off the oil […]


Beyond war in South Sudan

Published by MCC, Written by Gladys Terichow, Photographs by Nina Linton Despite poverty and the scars of war, peace mobilizers in South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, courageously strive to address tensions and build peace. Each day in the Opari district of South Sudan — a region abandoned during decades of war and now resettled by some […]


Has South Sudan’s Independence been Joyous and Painful?

Published by South Sudan Info, October 1, 2012 JUBA – Despite the euphoria that followed South Sudan’s independence, few citizens would have thought that secession alone would halt the long history of suffering and ensure prosperity, stability and security, as Jok Madut Jok comments. Many South Sudanese did not see secession as the ultimate solution […]


Sudans Making Progress on 3rd Summit Day

Published by Voice of America, September 25, 2012 ADDIS ABABA — Sudan and South Sudan made significant progress on the third day of their summit in the Ethiopian capital, but nothing has been signed yet. President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan and his South Sudanese counterpart, Salva Kiir, have been negotiating in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis […]


Bashir-Kiir Summit Hoped to Achieve Breakthrough

Published by All Africa, September 20, 2012 Khartoum/Wau — Hopes for a breakthrough in post-secession negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan are running high ahead of a summit between the presidents of the rival countries in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Sunday. The summit will take place on the same day in which the […]

Refugees in Jamam camp queue up to receive buckets and soap as part of Oxfam's public health campaign to reduce the spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and Hepatitis E in the camp. Photo: Alun McDonald

Refugee crisis in South Sudan – Oxfam calls for action

Published by the Huffington Post, September 20, 2012 Refugees survived “year of hell” – now at risk of disease Camps sheltering more than 100,000 Sudanese refugees in South Sudan’s Maban county are ticking timebombs, on the brink of a major outbreak of disease, according to a new release by agency Oxfam. Oxfam called for new, […]


Challenges, Opportunities for South Sudan

Published by Voice of America, September 7, 2012 The United States Ambassador to South Sudan, Susan Page, said her government is working to create economic opportunities for youth in South Sudan, while at the same time encouraging the new country to diversify its economy, allow press and media freedoms and actively promote good governance.  Ambassador Page also […]


South Sudan: China Reiterates Commitment

Published by All Africa, August 25, 2012 Juba — Chinese government reiterated its commitment to supporting negotiated a settlement as “best alternative” to resolving post secession disputes between two nations. The visiting top level Chinese special envoy on African Affairs, Zhong Jianhua, made the remark after a meeting with the President Salva Kiir Mayardit in […]


Unbearable Human Rights Abuse in South Sudan

Written by Michael Ayuen Kuany and published by the Bor Globe on August 15, 2012 My country, the Republic of South Sudan, is suffering from chronic depression over the killings of their own citizens. The liberation process of South Sudan had different fronts: physical warfare, international diplomatic engagement, and civil society advocacy. All of these […]

South Sudan's ruling SPLM party secretary general Amum talks to the media after meeting with officials from Sudan in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa

Sudan, South Sudan Reach Oil Deal

Published by the Chicago Tribune, August 4, 2012 ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Sudan said on Saturday it had reached a deal with South Sudan on oil transit fees, a first step towards ending a dispute which had brought the hostile neighbors close to war, but also said it wanted a border security agreement before oil […]


At Age One, A Tattered Reputation For South Sudan

Written by NPR, August 2, 2012 There were hopes that the new rulers of South Sudan might somehow break the African mold of big men lining their pockets with big money. But the trend in Juba, the capital, is alarming. The infant nation of South Sudan is barely a year old, and it’s already engulfed […]

South Sudan One Year

South Sudan: Unhappy Birthday

Written by The Economist, 14 July, 2012 ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU, a winner of the Nobel prize for peace, was the guest of honour at South Sudan’s first birthday party on July 9th where he gave a sermon calling for peace. Stop fighting and wealth will follow, he told the young nation’s leaders, calling on them […]

Ethiopia African Union Summit.JPEG-080b6

Sudan, South Sudan Leaders Meet Over Disputes

Written By Associated Press, in Washington Post, Published: July 15 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Aid agencies should have access to help internally displaced people fleeing from violence in Sudan and South Sudan, a top U.N. official said Sunday, one day after the leaders of the two nations met in a closed-door session.The African Union summit called […]


Sudan Declares State of Emergency as Clashes Continue

By Isma’ll Kushkush and Josh Kron, New York Times, 29 April, 2012 KHARTOUM, Sudan — Sudan declared a state of emergency on Sunday along much of its border with South Sudan as the momentum toward all-out war continues to build after weeks of clashes over disputed areas and oil. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s decree gives authorities in the border […]

A policeman walks past the smouldering remains of a market in Rubkona near Bentiu in South Sudan, April 23, 2012.

US Officials Press for Sudan-South Sudan Talks

Written by Michael Bowman, Published by Voice of America on 26 April 2012 The simmering conflict between Sudan and South Sudan has yet to escalate into full-scale war, but it threatens to deepen a humanitarian crisis that is already bringing hunger and misery to hundreds of thousands of people along the two countries’ border, according […]

Civilans bear brunt of rival Sudans clashes

Thousands fleeing to refugee camps as tensions continue to rise between Sudan and South Sudan. Fighting along the border between Sudan and South Sudan has forced thousands of people to flee to refugee camps. The African Union has given both sides three months to peacefully resolve the crisis. As Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste explains in […]


South Sudan’s leader says Sudan has declared war

Alexa Olesen by Associated Press on 24 April 2012 BEIJING (AP) — The president of newly independent South Sudan, in Beijing lobbying for economic and diplomatic support, told China’s president on Tuesday that attacks by rival Sudan amount to a declaration of war on his country. There has yet to be a formal declaration of […]

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 2.49.05 PM

Witness: Sudanese warplanes strike at South Sudan border towns

CNN Wire Staff, CNN, 23 April 2012 Juba, South Sudan (CNN) — Sudanese warplanes crossed a disputed border region to strike Monday in South Sudan, escalating fighting that threatens to return the neighboring African countries to full-scale war, a witness said. A Sudanese military commander, Kamal Marouf, was quoted by Radio Sudan’s website as saying that […]


Obama Urges South Sudan, Sudan No to Return to War

Voice of America, 21 April 2012 U.S. President Barack Obama has urged the governments and people of Sudan and South Sudan to resume peaceful negotiations and avoid a return to war. In a video message posted on the Internet site YouTube late Friday, Mr. Obama called on the people of both nations to turn away […]


UN Chief Calls On Sudan, South Sudan to End Fighting Immediately

United Nations, All Africa, 17 April 2012 Addis Ababa — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday voiced his “deep concern over continued hostilities” between Sudan and South Sudan, and called on both parties to “end the fighting immediately.” A statement, issued here by Ban’s spokesman, said, “The secretary-general reiterates his deep concern over continued hostilities […]

Sudanese Army soldiers stood guard Thursday in Southern Kordofan, which a 2005 pact granted special status to seek autonomy.

Sudan and South Sudan Keep Up Their Border Attacks

Josh Kron, New York Times, 14 April 2012 MOMBASA, Kenya — Sudan and South Sudan engaged in a second day of direct military clashes and aerial bombardments on Saturday in what the South described as a “limited war” between the two nations that will continue indefinitely “off and on.” A South Sudanese military spokesman said fighting had broken out […]


Pride of War Overshadowing Humility of Peace Between the Sudan and South Sudan

Opinion by James Okuk, All Africa, 8 April 2012 The ongoing war between the Sudan and South Sudan at the border zones can be described as nothing but insensitive and destructive pride emanating from the former foes ruling now in both Juba and Khartoum. These rulers seem to be running the two countries without paying […]


Start of the Year Update

So much has been happening behind the scenes of this website that we’ve forgotten to update you! In December, we saw a rise in violence in Jonglei State, the region of our school and Michael’s community in South Sudan. As Michael reported to the Bor Globe, over 42 people were killed in the Juet community, […]

South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan December 12th, 2011 at 2:36 pm By Michael Ayuen Kuany, USA (Borglobe) Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 up to the independence of South Sudan in July of 2011, Jonglei state has been a battlefield with little attention from the government of South […]


South Sudan facing severe food shortages, UN agencies warn

Article by IRIN, Published in the on 29 September 2011 UN agencies are warning that newly independent South Sudan will face chronic food shortages next year due to internal and border insecurity, erratic rains and a huge influx of returnees from the north. The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) said a rapid crop assessment […]


In Crumbling Sudan: Dodging Bombers

Written by KRISTA MAHR / KURMUK, Published on Time World on 20 October, 2011 The sound of a plane is hard to pick out in the thick, empty landscape of dry grass and blue sky in the Sudanese state of Blue Nile. But once it grows closer, the low whine of an engine is unmistakable. […]


South Sudan Says Black Market Currency Trading Fuels Inflation

Written by Jared Ferrie, Published by Bloomberg Business on 21 October 2011 Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — Central Bank workers in South Sudan may be involved in black market currency trading that is fueling inflation in the newly independent nation, the deputy finance minister said. The employees are able to buy dollars at the official rate […]


Language: A Matter of National Identity

Published by Reuters Africa, 26 October 2011 South Sudan said on Wednesday its schools will start teaching English, phasing out Arabic that had been used as a tool to spread Islamic law and Arab heritage by former civil war foe Khartoum. The mainly Muslim north imposed Islamic law and Arabic on the south, which seceded […]


Reaching the Marginalized in Sudan

UNICEF has published an informal website used to provide a small sampling of some UNICEF Innovation Team projects, often times partnering with other UNICEF sections. Recently, they published a series of 6 posts on innovative solutions for Sudan. Though this project was aimed at schools in Sudan and Khartoum, similar ideas may be applied in […]


Prince George’s focuses on opportunities in South Sudan

Written by Lindsey Robbins, Published on on 26 October 2011 Officials: New nation ripe for business, trade with county As part of ongoing efforts to bolster Prince George’s economic presence in Africa, county officials hosted a roundtable discussion Monday on emerging business opportunities in the newly formed South Sudan. And as part their global […]


S.Sudan Urges UN Action On Khartoum

Published by allAfrica on 7 October 2011 South Sudan on Thursday called on the UN Security Council to set a deadline for Sudan to withdraw its troops from the disputed region of Abyei or be held “accountable.” Amid rising fears of border clashes between the two states, the South’s President Salva Kiir is to visit […]


South Sudan Becomes Latest Member of UN Postal Union

Press Release: UN News, Published on 7 October 2011 New York, Oct 6 2011 – South Sudan has become the newest member of the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU), the agency announced today. The country, which gained independence on 9 July, became the 192nd Member State to join the organization, which regulates international mail […]


Country Warns Food Crisis Developing Into Famine

Written by Ngor Arol Garang, Published in on 6 October 2011 Juba — South Sudan said Wednesday that the ongoing food crisis in the newly independent country could develop into a famine if no immediate remedies are taken. Joseph Lual Acuil, South Sudan’s minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management told a weekly media […]


The Great, Slow Road of Juba: South Sudan's Crucial Artery

Written by Krista Mahr, Published by TIME World on 13 October 2011 If you’ve never thought much about pavement, take a drive from Juba to Nimule. Parts of South Sudan’s busiest road have been paved, but the unfinished parts are still teeth-rattling stretches of pitted, rust-colored dirt. On a dry day, each passing truck leaves a […]


Food Shortages a Worry for South Sudan

Written by Jerilyn Watson, Published by Voice of America on 3 October 2011 United Nations agencies are warning of food shortages next year in South Sudan. The Food and Agriculture Organization says the new country is likely to produce only half the food it needs this year. The FAO blames the situation on unpredictable rains, […]


Sudan’s Bashir rejects mediation in talks with South

Reporting by Khalid Abdelaziz; Writing by Ulf Laessing; Editing by Sophie Hares, Published by Reuters on 2 October 2011 Sudan wants to end all conflict with newly-independent South Sudan through dialogue but without any foreign mediation, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said on Saturday ahead of a visit by his southern counterpart. South Sudan became independent […]


South Sudan Seeks U.N. Help For 'Difficult Journey'

Written by Michele Kelemen, Published by NPR on 25 September 2011 When President Obama addressed the U.N. General Assembly in New York, he held up the example of South Sudan as the right way to join the world body — through a peace process and an independence vote. “One year ago, when we met here […]


South Sudan among recipients of UN grants to end violence against women

28 September 2011 – Newly independent South Sudan is among 34 countries awarded grants today by a United Nations that seeks to end violence against women, along with another first-time recipient, Iraq. “Violence against women is a human rights and public health emergency,” Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women, said of the 15th batch […]

South Sudanese find their way home slow going

South Sudanese find their way home slow going

Written by Ulf Laessing, Published by Reuters on 28 September 2011 (Reuters) – Four months after Paula Lodo left her Khartoum slum to head back to South Sudan, she finds herself in yet another makeshift home south of the Sudanese capital. “I am stuck on the way home for four months, can you believe this?” […]


South Sudan: there’s nothing ‘worth rebuilding’

Written by AFP, Published by Yahoo! News on 23 September 2011 The president of newly independent South Sudan appealed to the world for help Friday, saying his country is so poor it has nothing “worth rebuilding” after suffering decades of war. “The Republic of South Sudan stands in dire need of all the help it […]


U.S. trails China in securing South Sudan oil business

Written by By Aamer Madhani, Published by USA TODAY The United States is trailing China in the race for business in the new nation of South Sudan, despite leading the international effort to help South Sudan become an independent nation after decades of guerrilla war, says Princeton Lyman, the U.S. special envoy to Sudan. President […]


South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir to fight corruption

Written by the BBC, Published by the BBC News Africa on 21 September 2011 Newly independent South Sudan has announced a series of measures to combat corruption. President Salva Kiir detailed “five critical steps” in an open letter. Land sales will be reviewed, public contracts subject to new laws and officials will be expected to […]


Why South Sudanese should Support the New Capital City Project

Written by Parek Maduot, Published by  The New Sudan Vision (NSV) on 9.14.11 An artist’s impression of the proposed new capital city of South Sudan in Ramchiel, Lakes state (Washington DC) – The decision of the Council of Ministers to officially authorize the relocation of the capital city from Juba to Ramciel generated considerable debate, […]


GBC Presents a New Way Forward

Greater Bor Community in USA presents reflection paper on interim period, recent cabinet appointments and the way forward in South Sudan Written by The Governmental Affairs Committee of GBC-USA and published by The New Sudan Vision (NSV) on 09.11.11. The leadership of Greater Bor Community of the United States, just off from their annual conference […]


Press Release from the White House

The Press Secretary of the White House released a statement on Sudan on May 21, 2011. The statement said, “The United States condemns the offensive operations being undertaken by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in and around Abyei town and today’s Presidential decree dissolving the Abyei Administration. While the United States deplored the May 19 […]


Sudan ruling party, opposition split over constitution

Southern Sudan will become Africa’s newest nation in July, but politicians are already squabbling among themselves and worrying Western supporters who hoped for a smooth passage to democracy after the continent’s longest civil war. The ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) excluded most opposition parties from a committee to draft a temporary constitution. Some advocates […]


Key Indicators for South Sudan: A Study

A study published in 2009 with demographic and geographic information on South Sudan. Find study


Sudan Poetry: Moment of Truth Sums

The people want freedom: Aye, bellows the liberator; The people want peace: Aye, bellows the peacemaker; The people want reconciliation: Aye, bellows the mediator; The people want love: Aye, bellows the lover; The people want food: Nope, bellows silence; The people want education: Nope, bellows silence; The people want houses: Nope, bellows silence; The people […]


South Sudan journalists hope for media freedom

South Sudan journalists expect that a free and safe environment will be created for media personnel in their new country. “We hope that freedom of expression will be granted to journalists after the proclamation of the new country,” said Dengdit Ayok, a journalist attached to Al Masseer newspaper in South Sudan, on the sidelines of […]


Ox Plow & Other Training Help South Sudan Farmers

Residents of southern Sudan have long relied on subsistence farming utilizing traditional methods. These practices, such as hand tilling and broad casting of seed, result in crop loss, disease, and infestation, and severely limit farmer’s yields. USAID is working to overcome these challenges by introducing new technology and farming methods to residents of Northern Bahr […]


South Sudan to honour oil contracts with India

JUBA, SUDAN (Commodity Online): India has now little to worry about the secession of South Sudan as the country has promised to deliver on the terms of the oil contracts signed by the two countries. Reports showed that India is the third largest partner with regard to the oil trade of North and South Sudan […]


China expresses willingness to boost cooperation with southern Sudan, promises further aid

Editor: Wang Yan BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) — China on Friday expressed its willingness to develop friendly exchanges and expand mutually beneficial cooperation with southern Sudan. “China is ready to promote its friendly exchanges with southern Sudan on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence,” said Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in a […]


Bill Gates Foundation donates $5m for South Sudan capital

April 27, 2011 (JUBA) – The US-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has earmarked five million dollars for the development of South Sudan’s regional capital, Juba, its mayor has revealed. In the past few months, however, the city has been in the spotlight, with local residents reporting cases of robberies, killing and harassment mainly within […]


South Sudan's rebel movements and their leaders

By Alex Thurston, Guest blogger April 22, 2011 The world’s soon-to-be newest country, South Sudan, faces a number of challenges, including severe under-development and tensions with North Sudan on border demarcation, oil revenue-sharing, and others issues. But it is the growing challenge from rebel groups that most threatens the political stability of the new state. […]


South Sudan’s reliance on NGOs

By Matthew Brunwasser Operation Lifeline Sudan, launched by the United Nations in 1989, was one of the biggest humanitarian efforts ever seen. It brought together UN agencies and some 35 non-governmental organizations (NGO). Decades of civil war ended in 2005, when a peace treaty gave the south defacto autonomy. The former rebel group — the […]


Science left behind as Sudan divides

By Deborah-Fay Ndhlovu It is not the first time that Odra, a crop physiologist at the University of Juba in Sudan, has been asked to make such a trek. In 1989, at the height of Sudan’s civil war, Odra, along with around 130 lecturers and 800 students at the country’s second largest university, was asked […]


Activists Say Women Need Bigger Role

By Marvis Birungi One impact of two decades of war is that women now make up over 60 percent of the eight million people of South Sudan, says the Government of Southern Sudan’s Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare. And while women fought alongside men during the conflict with the north, or helped the […]


Sudan as a Tinderbox and Microcosm

By Bonnie Price Lofton | April 11th, 2011 | John Katunga Murhula, MA ’05, who works for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) from his base in Nairobi, Kenya, was at CJP for a half-day visit on April 6. As CRS’s regional technical advisor for peacebuilding and justice in East Africa, John’s attention is focused upon Tanzania, […]


Kenya, Uganda salivating at South Sudan prospects

By Benard Natha East African News Agency (Eana) Arusha. Come July 9, Africa will have its newest and 56th state, the Republic of South Sudan. This development is exciting for the East African region because South Sudan, with its oil wealth, minerals and huge agricultural potential, is set to join the East African Community (EAC). […]


Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: September 29, 2010 The global refrain about genocide is “Never Again,” but we may be watching how that slips into “One More Time.” The place is southern Sudan, and the timetable is the next few months. The South, which holds more than 75 percent of Sudan’s oil, is scheduled to […]


USAID Launches Food, Agribusiness, and Rural Markets (FARM) Program in Southern Sudan

JUBA, SUDAN – The U.S. Government, acting through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), today launched a new agricultural program in partnership with the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS). The launch ceremony was led by the Minister of Regional Cooperation, General Oyai Deng Ajak; the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Dr. Samson […]


Political Climate in the Sudan: Upcoming Referendum and the Imminent Birth of a New Nation – Southern Sudan

By Michael Ayuen Kuany Michael Ayuen Kuany(Borglobe) —As the political referendum is to take place in Sudan in January of 2011, the world’s attention is riveted on the imminent birth of a new nation, Southern Sudan. In three months, the people of southern Sudan will be able to exercise their democratic rights to either vote […]


Transforming Africa Through Higher Education

By NAZANIN LANKARANI Published: January 16, 2011 DOHA, QATAR — When Patrick Awuah left his native Ghana in 1985 to study abroad, he had little notion of the opportunities that would await him back home 13 years later. More than a decade of peace, democracy and prosperity made it possible for a Western-educated professional like […]


Delivering Aid Differently: The New Reality of Aid

This month Homi Kharas and I published a book titled “Delivering Aid Differently – Lessons from the Field”. We launched the book yesterday at the University of Nairobi. Here is a summary of the main messages: We live in a new reality of aid. Rich countries delivered US$ 3.2 trillion of aid to poor countries […]


School for Hope

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: April 24, 2010 (In The New York Times) MARIAL BAI, Sudan Southern Sudan is one of the most impoverished places on earth, and this remote town lacks electricity and running water and is 150 miles from the nearest paved road. Yet, thanks to a remarkable young American who grew up […]


His Gift Changes Lives

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF OP-OD Columnist Published: December 16, 2009 Here’s a story for the holiday season. A 30-year-old former refugee is putting together a most extraordinary Christmas present — the first high school his community has ever had. Valentino Deng, 30, is the central figure in the masterful 2006 best seller, “What Is the […]

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