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Hope is Roof-shaped: Development in South Sudan

One roof closer to completing this building as an offering to hope and development in South Sudan. In October of 2015, the roof of the only permanent structure for miles was installed in Jalle Payam. We want to take a moment to celebrate that! And at the same time, we want to take many moments to remember the […]


San Francisco Event

Michael Kuany, founder of the nonprofit Rebuild South Sudan (rebuildsouthsudan.org) and one of the “Lost Boys” of South Sudan, came to the US in 2001 after a childhood spent in refugee camps. He and thousands of other children fled a bloody civil war in 1985. Since arriving in the States in 2001, he has received […]



Dear friends and family, Thank you for waiting patiently to hear from me about the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. Although the war has not come to an end, I do have some good news to share with you. The two towns of Bor and Bentiu that had been captured by the rebels have been […]


New Years Message from Michael

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this message finds you well during this joyous time as we celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ and a New Year. Christmas is that time of the year where people give thanks to the Lord and celebrate, but it is unfortunate to report that […]

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Michael Moves to South Sudan

As of this weekend, Michael Kuany has relocated back to his home country in South Sudan. While we are so sad to see him go, we are grateful for the opportunities which await him, our organization, and his country because of his physical presence on South Sudanese soil. When Michael first moved to the US […]

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Michael and Deborah are on the Move

Below is a letter Michael recently sent out to many of his contacts. He and Deborah have experienced quite the year of transition with the birth of their baby Ayak, Deborah’s return to Austrailia to get an MBA and Michael’s upcoming and permeant move to South Sudan. Please read below for his perspective on the […]


Named Public Interest Design Global Ambassadors

We’re a bit behind in sharing this good news, but better late than never. Rebuild South Sudan Founder Michael Kuany and Board President, Jill Sornson Kurtz were named by Public Interest Design’s 100 Global design list. Broken down into categories of promotors, facilitators, makers, policy makers, connectors, ambassadors, educators, visualizers, funders and organizers, this Autodesk sponsored project named Michael and Jill […]


SEED Award @ University of Minnesota

Rebuild Sudan was honored not only to be a SEED Award Recipient, present our project at the University of Minnesota College of Design’s first ever Public Interest Design Week, but to be welcomed with open arms into the public interest design community. We literally brought people to tears with Michael’s story and our organization’s hope […]


Sudan: Struggle for Peace

“Lost Boy” looking forward The sound of bombs echoed through the Sudanese town of Jalle. Seven-year-old Michael Kuany and his male playmates watched from a distance as the Northern Sudanese army destroyed their village. That was 20 years ago. North Sudan is predominantly Arab and Muslim, while south Sudan is mainly Black African and Christian. […]


Peace in Sudan, Peace Everywhere

The horrors still haunt him: the gunfire that ripped his tiny village apart, the terrified screams of neighbors and friends as their homes were set ablaze, the 2,000-mile walk he and other young boys were forced to take to a refugee camp in Kenya, all the while fearing soldiers would slice him limb from limb. […]


Unbearable Human Rights Abuse in South Sudan

Written by Michael Ayuen Kuany and published by the Bor Globe on August 15, 2012 My country, the Republic of South Sudan, is suffering from chronic depression over the killings of their own citizens. The liberation process of South Sudan had different fronts: physical warfare, international diplomatic engagement, and civil society advocacy. All of these […]


Michael & Deborah’s Marriage

We have exciting news!!! On July 2, 2012 Michael Ayuen Kuany married Deborah Nyap Majer Akon in Bor, South Sudan and their story was nothing short of incredible. This week, I was given a great gift as I sat down with the newlyweds and heard them recount their courtship and vision for their shared future. […]


Michael Kuany’s Story

I am one of the nine living children born to my family. As a young boy born in the rural village of Jalle in southern Sudan, my 6’4” mother believed that I was born in the year of great drought. She doesn’t know exactly what year it was because there were no clinics in the […]

Kuany making a difference in South Sudan

Kuany making a difference in South Sudan

Written by Sam Lucero | The Compass Wednesday, 04 January 2012 11:29 New Catholic Charities employee, one of ‘lost boys of Sudan,’ says education is key to country’s success GREEN BAY — Michael Ayuen Kuany was about 6 years old when Sudanese soldiers attacked his village in Jalle Payam, located in southern Sudan. “I could […]

South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan

Juet Massacre: Genocide in Jonglei, South Sudan December 12th, 2011 at 2:36 pm By Michael Ayuen Kuany, USA (Borglobe) Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 up to the independence of South Sudan in July of 2011, Jonglei state has been a battlefield with little attention from the government of South […]


Meeting with the President of South Sudan

Global Summit on Human Rights: Meeting with the President of South Sudan The month of September brought the world bodies together to mark the 66th United Nations General Assembly in which my baby nation, the Republic of South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir, addressed the general assembly for the first time as an independent nation. This […]


Tears of Joy: Future and Challenges of South Sudan

Tears of Joy: Future and Challenges of South Sudan July 23rd, 2011 at 1:44 pm By Michael Ayuen Kuany, USA (Borglobe) The time for the important work is now, not tomorrow or the next day. The hopes of our citizens and the eyes of the world are upon us. On Saturday July 9th, 2011, a […]

Michael receives 'Journey of Hope Award'

Michael receives 'Journey of Hope Award'

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families awarded Michael with the Journey of Hope Award on June 18th, 2011. The award recognizes achievements of refugees who came to the U.S, especially emphasizing the work they do for others in their communities. The competition to be nominated for an award like this is fierce, about 60,000 […]

Michael accepts position with the S. Sudan Embassy!

Michael Kuany, Rebuild South Sudan’s Founder and CEO, accepted a position from the President of South Sudan to represent the Lost Boys to the government. Along with another representative, he will be working in the DC located embassy. His work will include a campaign to relieve the student loans for the Lost Boys, placing Lost […]


An Update from Michael

From Michael Kuany Greetings from Juba, South Sudan! I hope this note finds you in good health. I was fortunate to be in Jalle, my birth home in February with many high level government officials from the area to attend the prayers and ceremony of the just retired Bishop of Bor, Nathaniel Garang. For those […]


Nation Building: Citizens’ Participation in the Development of South Sudan

JAN.10/2011, SSN; A long awaited independence of southern Sudan from northern Sudan is approaching. Celebrations are already underway even though the polls do not open until Sunday, January 9, 2011. It is clear that the people of southern Sudan will vote for separation from northern Sudan. However, even though independence of southern Sudan is the […]


Women and culture: the role of women in the development of southern Sudan

By Michael Kuany The largest country in Africa, Sudan has over 578 tribes, each with its own unique culture. These tribes are based in geographical regional locations, and many have seen gradual shifts in their cultural heritage over the years. However, the region of southern Sudan is still known for its cultural distinction. In this […]

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